These Women Paint!
Exceptional original fine art at fair market value.


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I’d like to sign up for updates
-- Krista Walters, 5/15/22

I’d like to sign up for updates
-- Krista Walters, 5/15/22

Lovely work!
-- Barbara Schilling, 10/22/18

Sara did a absolutely stunning job capturing my daughters sweet childhood beauty. I am so beyond happy with how well it turned out and to have her childhood frozen in time!
-- Tanya Threatt, 10/10/18

A lovely group of talented ladies. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.
-- Carol Medford, 10/8/18

-- Cheryl Ward, 10/7/18

I enjoy being associated with these dedicated artists and look forward to be part of their artistic journey.
-- Sara Haveman, 10/3/18

We are excited to share our art on this website!
-- Marilyn Troutman, 10/2/18

These Women Paint!Great website!
-- These Women Paint!, 10/2/18

Fantastic idea! You are all marvelous artists and I wish you well with this new endeavor!
-- Linda Clark, 9/30/18

Love being able to see all these beautiful paintings in one group. Beautiful work ladies.
-- Grace Hitt, 9/28/18

Yes, please send me updates on this group.
-- Karen Vandam Michmerhuizen , 9/27/18

We will be building this over time. Please check back to see how we have grown!
-- Jude Hardin, 8/29/18

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