These Women Paint! is a group of five women that reside in rural southwestern Michigan. We artists come together on a weekly basis to paint, critique and challenge each other with new ideas and painting information.  We enjoy each other's company and dedication to the arts.  Our on-line gallery displays original fine art at fair market value; it includes landscapes, florals, wildlife and abstracts in a variety of mediums.

Our members are (left to right, top to bottom): Joy Richmond, Sara Haveman, Marilyn Troutman, Jude Hardin, and Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen.

Sara Haveman has been making art since childhood. Nothing gave her greater joy than holding a brush loaded with tempura paint! After graduating from Western MI University with a B.S. in art education, 30 years were spent as an high school art teacher and after that several more working in summers art camps hoping to instill a appreciation of the arts in youth. Now all that is behind her and  personal  art is the central focus. Sara has had extended studies in workshops of  many fine artists whom she admires. Art affiliations include: Pickle Street School Studio, Allegan Area Arts Council, Great Lakes Pastel Society, Plein Air Painters of West Michigan, Holland Friends of Art. Sara has received Best of Show, honorable mentions  and work has been displayed in hospitals, restaurants, libraries and the Fair. It is in held in public and private collections.
Marilyn Troutman's favorite mediums are oil and pastel. When creating her art, she expresses nature's beauty in landscapes, wildlife, water, portraiture and the quiet beauty of still life. One of her most exciting experiences is painting en plein air. She joined the Michigan Plein Air Painters and took her easel outside. She loves being outdoors, doing what she enjoys and being among nature. Marilyn has been in many juried shows and received numerous awards. A member of the Great Lakes Patel Society, Ottawa Shores Plein Air Painters, Grand Valley Artist, Michigan Plein Air Painters, Holland Friends of Art and Allegan Area Arts Council.

As a kid, Jude Hardin's pockets were full of rocks, ragged bits of bark, colorful flower petals and feathers--nature's finest tidbits for all kinds of creative projects!  Now, her focus is on painting nature's essence. Countless hours of self- and professional-instruction continues to feed her passion to express God's glory and beauty with oils, pastels and watercolors. Jude participates in juried shows and has received several awards, encouraging her to continue exploring new techniques and subjects.  A member of Allegan Area Arts Council, Great Lakes Pastel Society, Holland Area Arts Council, Oil Painters of America, Pickle Street School Studio and Plein Air Artists of West Michigan. "Art brings me joy; my goal is to share that joy with you!"

Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen's art career began with drawing in elementary school when she should have been studying. Her teacher would pinch her skinny arm and ask if her work was finished. Mostly self-taught, she has attended workshops, belongs to painting groups, views videos of artists she admires, attends online art instructions and tries to paint daily.  Karen has lived in West Michigan her entire life.  "We live in a beautiful part of the world and as an artist, I see endless and challenging venues to paint. Many of my inspirations come from the ordinary and everyday life. My ideal is to have the viewer feel he or she has also been or would like to be at the same spot, feel the sun, hear the waves or smell the fragrance of flowers. Art is a continual learning process; the more I know, the more I want to know." Art affiliations include: Pickle Street Studio, Holland Area Art Council, Holland Friends of Art, Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Plein Air Artists of West Michigan, Friends of Alten GVSU, and Glen Arbor Arts Center.


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